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Some Patron types can no longer access e-resources when onsite, as they use to be able to


Patrons onsite access to E-Resources is not working, when it was working fine before. 

  • Specifically certain patron type access points, from the institution website where they are allowed access to e-resources onsite only, but not offsite access.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

If no changes have been made to your patron types or their permissions or setups, in regards to access to e-resources then check the following: 

  1. Find out from your Network Administrator if any  recent changes made to your network, IP addresses etc...
  2. Find out what your current IP ranges are set up for your Network Administrator.  
  3. Get a list of these IP addresses or ranges set up on your network 
  4. Log into your Service  Configuration > IP Addresses > Manage IP Addresses > check that all the current ranges  or IP addresses are listed in here.
  5. You may find there are a few IP addresses missing, so add these in as new ranges and remove the older incorrect ranges.
  6. Select  SAVE

If you are still experiencing issues, after ensuing all the IP addresses have been setup correctly in Service configuration, then please Contact  OCLC support for further assistance. 

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