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Why are my files zipped and how do I unzip them?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

OCLC “zips” (compresses) files of MARC records 7 days after they are made available for download. Compressed files are given the .zip extension but retain their original file name.  

Follow the steps below to extract the MARC file from the Zipped one through a built-in utility in Windows: 

  1.  Download the file to your local computer
  2.  Bring the file up in Windows Explorer 
  3.  Right-click on it 
  4.  Choose Extract All
  5.  The system will tell you where it is going to send the file and you can change that to where you want to send it 
  6.  Click the Extract button to fully unzip the file for use 

You may also use a free utility such as 7-Zip to unzip your downloaded files.

Additional information

See File retention

You may also access files available to you for download through WorldShare My Files or through FileX. Contact OCLC Support to obtain your FileX password. You may prefer to use a free utility such as FileZilla for accessing your FileX account.    

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