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I ordered full sets of records, but I am only getting a few records in the file deliveries.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

There is an option to "Include a complete set of records with every delivery" inside each Collection's settings. 

Navigate to:  Metadata > Collection Manager > Search for the collection and select it. Within the collection, access Holdings and MARC Records > Record Delivery (tab) > Subsequent Record Output and change that setting to "Include a complete set of records with every delivery".  

We also recommend changing the delivery frequency for the collection to daily. This setting is also located on >Holdings and Marc Records Delivery> Delivery Frequency which is immediately above Subsequent Record Output.  If not already selected, choose Specify Delivery Frequency for this collection and choose Daily on the drop-down menu.

Click the blue Save button near the top of the screen, before stepping off of the screen if you made changes.

When you've received the records you are seeking, we recommend changing Record Delivery and Delivery Frequency back to their original settings (you may want to note the settings or capture a screenshot before changing them).

Additional information
  • We have more information about Collection level settings available.
  • The file can take between 24-48 hours to show up in the My Files section.
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