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I am trying to load a KBART file into Collection Manager. I am getting the error "invalid collection uid mismatch". Can you tell me what this means?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Previously it was possible for a library to upload a KBART file that contained multiple collection IDs (Column V - "oclc_collection_id") while working inside a single collection in their account. This means a user could upload a file with incorrect values in the collection ID column and the file upload would result in unintentionally overwriting title data within their custom collections (as specified by the custom collection IDs).   

We have made a change to ensure that if a file upload contains a collection ID that does not match the collection ID in which they are working, then those titles with mismatched collection IDs will be rejected.  

Rejected titles from the file upload will display in the Activity History count of "Total Invalid Records" and also in the detailed download report as "invalid_collection_uid_mismatch". This will safeguard users from unintended changes to their collections when uploading files. 

Note: Collection ID is not required when uploading KBART files to collections.  If you're not sure what value is needed in the collection ID column, then simply leave this value blank in your file upload.

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