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How do I extract specific MARC records from a MARC file using MarcEdit

  •  I have a file of MARC records, I want to extract a specific MARC record or a subset of MARC records from the file.  
  •  If you have the local system numbers/ISBN/ISSN/OCLC Numbers or the titles of the records you want to extract you can use MarcEdit to search large files, batch select the specific records, and send them to a separate file.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Collection Manager

If you have the LSN/ISBN/ISSN/OCLC Numbers or the titles of the records you want to extract you can use MarcEdit to search the files, batch select the specific records and send them to a separate file.


1. Create a text file that contains information about the titles you are seeking.

The file should have one search string per line (no arrow brackets):

  • <ISBN>
  • <ISSN>

2. Import the file of records you want to extract into MarcEdit** 

3. Enter the path to the text file that MARCEdit will run against the .mrc file.

4. Extract just those matched records to a file. MarcEdit may default to a .mrk file. It is recommended you change this to a .mrc file.


1   Open MarcEdit.

2.  Access Tools > Select MARC Records > Extract Selected Records.

3.  Specify the Source MARC File from which you want to extract the records (the downloaded file) by clicking on the yellow folder and browsing to the file.

4.  Check the search all Record Data option.

5.  Set the Display field to the field you want to display as referenced in the list pane.This defaults to the 245$a but you might want it to be something else depending on your purposes.

6. Set the Search drop-down to File.

7. Specify the path to the file of search terms you created earlier in the search text box just to the right of the: FILE#: label

8. Click on the Magnifying Glass button to the right of the search field.

9. Click on the Export Selected button to export the records found with your search terms file.


Additional information

Download MarcEdit

Demonstration of Extracting Files

**MarcEdit is not owned by OCLC, it is a free utility used by many libraries.


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