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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, July 2018

Release Date: 14 July 2018


The Collection Manager July 2018 release includes enhancements to:

  • Provide record and report output to My Files hours earlier than before
  • Move KBART download functionality to My Files
  • Better support users of Internet Explorer

Additionally, users will notice some additional bug fixes.

New features and enhancements

Records and reports now output to My Files hours earlier

Previously, while records and reports were delivered via SFTP immediately upon processing, it took many more hours for files to show up in My Files. Now, users can expect records and reports to appear hours earlier than previously provided to My Files.

KBART Download functionality now in My Files

Whereas previously users that wished to download their entire KBART file would navigate to Settings > Knowledge Base Data > Download KB Data, this functionality will now be found in My Files. Users can now navigate to My Files > Downloads > KB Downloads. This functionality has not changed, with one exception; all files are now UTF-8 encoded (previously, users could choose UTF-8, UTF-16LE, or ISO-8859-1 file encoding). Users can still choose to download:

  • My Selected Collections
  • My Selected Titles (KBART)
  • PubMed Link Out Files

Users can expect to see KB Uploads also moving to My Files in the coming months.


Bug fixes

Improved User Experience for Internet Explorer users

As part of our effort to enhance usability, we have fixed several bugs that will afford better support for users of Internet Explorer 11:

  • Customize Records at the collection level now displays correctly
  • Check boxes and Radio buttons to change institution settings now work correctly
  • Settings accordion now loads properly

Adding Title via OCN Lookup

Previously, if a user attempted to add a title to a knowledge base collection via OCN Lookup, the association between the title and the OCLC number was not being retained. The workaround was to copy the OCLC number into the Override OCN before saving. This issue has now been resolved and should work as expected without the need to take the extra workaround step.

Provider searching

Previously, when searching by Provider with the “My Selected Collections” box enabled, searches such as “Gale” or “EBSCO” returned no results, unless a wildcard was included in the search string. This problem has been resolved.

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