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Will I get the same number of records as is on my title list?

There are several reasons you could get a different number of MARC records than that on your title list from a provider:

  • Though OCLC and its partners work closely together to ensure a record for every e-resource title, there may be variances in the number of records received because some partner delivery programs are tied to customer holdings rather than sales history
  • Records may be in OCLC's cataloging queue depending upon how partner metadata feeds coincide with titles' street dates
  • Past cataloging practices concerning multi-volume titles may have recommended a set record with multiple URLs being used for multi-volume titles
  • Titles are often available through more than one provider. If you have a title in multiple knowledge base collections, Collection Manager will deliver a single record for the knowledge base title and the record will have multiple URLs. If all of your records are delivered in one file and you hold a title in several knowledge base collections, you will get one record for the title

For additional information, see Why am I missing records?.