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OCLC Support

Why am I missing records?

Some titles might not meet the requirements for record output

In order to receive a record for a knowledge base title, titles must meet specific requirements.

Format, coverage value, and title URL requirements

Titles must:

  • Have an OCLC number and have a URL/856 and be of a readable format and coverage (i.e., journal [fulltext, print], ebook, and so forth), or
  • Have an OCLC number and have a coverage value of other or print (but lack a URL/856)

Reasons for missing OCLC numbers

Titles must have an OCLC number (OCN). A title might be missing an OCLC number if:

  • No record exists for the item in WorldCat
  • A record exists but because of the complexities of cataloging electronic items, it is not classified as an electronic resource in a way that corresponds to the knowledge base’s matching process

To report missing OCNs, see Report errant OCLC numbers.

A title is in multiple collections

Titles are often available through more than one provider. If you have a title in multiple knowledge base collections, Collection Manager will deliver a single record for the knowledge base title and the record will have multiple URLs.

If all of your records are delivered in one file and you hold a title in several knowledge base collections, you will get one record for the title. To have records output in a separate collection, see Collection-level settings in knowledge base collections, Delivery File Output.

Additional information

For additional information, see Will I get the same number of records as is on my title list?.