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Can I get a sample file of the records?

You can get a sample file of records by selecting a knowledge base collection in Collection Manager and enabling record delivery at the institution level and at the collection level. You have the option to search for an open access collection and select titles in an open access collection.

 Note: If you have a CatExpress subscription, a sample file of records will count against your record budget.

Use open access content to get a sample file of the records

A sample file of records is not linked in the documentation because each library’s records will be unique. However, if you have access to the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface, you can get a sample of records by enabling MARC record delivery for a small collection or for a few titles in a collection.

Collection Manager offers records that are similar to those output from Connexion. If your library uses Connexion, you should not have issues with your record loading programs.

To get sample MARC records from an open access collection:

Remember to click Save as you select settings and customize your records.

  1. Go to your library-specific WorldShare URL and sign in to the WorldShare interface.
  2. Go to Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution Settings > OCLC Symbol. Make sure your OCLC symbol is selected as desired.
  3. Expand MARC Records and Enable MARC Record Delivery.
  4. (Optional) Delete and add fields to your records in the Customize Records tab. For example, enter a Tag and map the value Collection Level Data > Public Note to your records or the value Collection Custom Text. Customizations apply across all of your collections. Collection-specific data such as notes and custom text should reside within each collection.
  5. Search for collections in Collection Manager. Look for open access collections that are Customizable so you can select titles in the collection title-by-title.
    Keep in mind that titles must have OCLC numbers in order to output records. For example:
    • Search for the open access, customizable collection: Biodiversity Heritage Library eBooks
    • Open the collection
    • Select five or more titles with OCLC numbers
  6. (Optional) Expand the Properties accordion within the collection to add collection-level information. If you mapped Collection Level Data > Public Note to your records, enter the collection-specific note.
  7. Enable record delivery at the collection level.
  8. Review the default Record Delivery settings and modify them if desired. Many libraries use the setting to output the file in a separate file.
  9. If you mapped Collection Custom Text to your records, enter the collection-specific custom text.

Records will be available for download in WorldShare interface > Metadata > My Files. For instructions, see the page on how to Download files in My Files.

See Institution MARC Records settings for more extensive instructions.

Note: The titles must have OCLC numbers in order to get records. By default, WorldCat holdings will not be set on open access collections.


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