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About query collections

Find examples of how libraries use query collections in Collection Manager.

When creating a query collection, use search labels and syntax to define the WorldCat Selection Criteria. Collection Manager will display in the interface the number of records retrieved for your query. A list of titles will not be visible within the interface. However, in emailed reports, you can see the titles for which you received MARC records. You can customize records so that the domains you specify will remain in the 856 field of your records. The URLs will not be library-specific.

Note that query collections do not allow you to set holdings in WorldCat.

When do libraries use query collections?

Libraries use query collections to:

  • Output WorldCat records for titles from a specific provider or on a subject limited to titles they hold in WorldCat
  • Output records for all their print serials
  • Start receiving new records when titles are added to an open access collection
  • Output WorldCat holdings across multiple OCLC symbols as part of a consortium or as a library with multiple campuses
  • Output records for all of their holdings in WorldCat to create a spreadsheet (See Create a spreadsheet of your WorldCat holdings for instructions)

Examples of WorldCat Selection Criteria

See examples of how to construct a query string in Collection-level settings in query collections, WorldCat Selection Criteria.