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WorldCat Entity Data guidelines and standards

Discover a guide to the structure and input standards used in OCLC's WorldCat Entities environment, including definitions and information in this cooperative environment, and an overview of the WorldCat ontology.
WorldCat Thing
WorldCat Agent

WorldCat Person

WorldCat Organization
WorldCat Administrative Area (Organization)
WorldCat Concept

WorldCat Measurement

WorldCat Role

WorldCat Unit of Measure

WorldCat Event

WorldCat Transactional Event

WorldCat Place

WorldCat Administrative Area (Place)

WorldCat Landform

WorldCat Work

WorldCat Cartographic Material

WorldCat Data Set

WorldCat Fictional Entity

WorldCat Image

WorldCat Moving Image

WorldCat Still Image

WorldCat Notated Movement

WorldCat Physical Object

WorldCat Software

WorldCat Sound
WorldCat Music

WorldCat Text

WorldCat Website