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Entity Changes API

Discover the details of the Entity Changes API.


Users can retrieve a chronologically sorted history of changes to WorldCat Entity data. 

 Note: Included with OCLC Meridian Subscription.

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Types of changes

The following types of changes can be retrieved:

History Table Changes API
Create entity value Create
Add, remove, or replace entity value Update

Context and standard URLs


Main code

GET v1/changes
    "context": [
    "summary": "Worldcat Entity - Changes",
    "type": "OrderedCollection",
    "id": "",
    "first": {
        "type": "OrderedCollectionPage",
        "id": ""
    "last": {
        "type": "OrderedCollectionPage",
        "id": ""
    "totalItems": (total number of changed items)

Pages code

GET v1/changes/pages/{pageNumber}

Page1 is first page of changes in Wordcat Entities and Last page is most recent changes.

    "type": "Add, Remove, Create, Replace",
            "published": "2024-04-12T08:31:31.514Z",
            "object": {
                "id": "E39QJKdVFFTCvc69T8GmRRt4gJ",
                "type": "ENTITY_PROPERTY",
                "updated": "2024-04-12T08:31:31.514Z"