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Why do I keep receiving a validation error related to the BLvl and the 773 field of our records?

Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

Digital Collection Gateway follows the OCLC standard for bibliographic formats relating to the BLvl of your records. If your BLvl=a, then a 773 field must be present in order for the Gateway to walk the records through to WorldCat.

If this is a new OAI feed you are working with, then the records will need to be changed in your repository. If you are getting this error for records that you have already synced in WorldCat, then the records have been changed and will need to be fixed either using Connexion or WorldShare Record Manager.

Additional information

If you are unable to map your records 773 field from your repository, the most likely problem is that the collection is set to use the Basic Dublin Core standard. You will have to switch this to Qualified Dublin Core. Only CONTENTdm repositories can use the Qualified Dublin Core standard.

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