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How does Digital Collection Gateway identify records that need to be updated?

Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway  

For a record to be flagged for an update by the Gateway when doing a complete sync, it must meet the following criteria

  • The 029 field of the existing record matches exactly to the record being harvested from your repository. Please note, if the URL in the existing record has http and the newly harvest record has https, this will not be considered a match and a duplicate record may be created. 
  • The record has an encoding level 3. If a record is enhanced through Connexion or Record Manager and the encoding level is updated, the record will be skipped. 

Note: When the Gateway finds a matching record with an encoding level 3, enhancements that were made in Record Manager or Connexion will be overwritten. The encoding level will need to be updated to something other than 3 to prevent this from happening. 

Additional information

ELvl:  Encoding Level

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