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How do I add a user to our Digital Collection Gateway?

Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

You can register a user by clicking the Register link from the DCG login page. You may also register your institution here.

The Digital Collection Gateway uses OCLC LDAP authentication. If you have a user name and password already registered with OCLC LDAP (either for CONTENTdm or Digital Collection Gateway) please enter the e-mail address associated with your existing user name here. If you're re-using your existing OCLC LDAP account, then enter the password for that user name here.

If you're creating a new user name and password please select a password that is at least 3 characters in length. The password can include letters or numbers and must include at least one letter. The password may not contain spaces or the colon (:), semicolon (;), apostrophe (') or quotation(") characters.

You will also need to input your key so the account is added to the correct Gateway. If you do not know you key, please contact with your OCLC symbol.

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