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When I try to highlight my Search Fields or Search Bar to cut and paste it does not work.

  • When someone tries to highlight any words or phrases in Connexion Client running on the latest version of Windows 10 version 1903. You can't use the mouse to cut, paste, or highlight.  
Applies to
  • All Connexion Client Users with the latest version of Windows 10. 

The resolution is actually being fixed by Microsoft. The .net framework 4.8 does not give the mouse those abilities to be able to highlight and cut-n-paste. They are going to release a .net 4.8 framework patch in the coming future to fix this issue but they have not released a date for that yet  

Additional information

Work Around is to put the cursor in the field or tab and then use the shift and arrow keys to highlight. Then use the "Control C" and "Control V" to cut and paste.

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