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Transaction Failed - Switch from default to using the IP


  • When try to connect, get a 'Transaction Failed' message.
Applies to
  • Connexion client

This is a general error that comes up any time Connexion fails to connect to our databases. This can happen either due to local circumstances or due to server issues occurring at the time. Try the following : 

  • If the issue is system-wide , you will usually see something on the system dashboard.
  • Click Tools > Options > Access tab.  Under the Internet Access section change the selection from the default to Other URL and enter in the box.  Be sure to enter the 'http://' part or you will receive an Invalid URI error message accompanied by a stack trace.
  • On the same tab verify that Persistent Connection checkbox is not checked.
  • Ask your IT staff to whitelist in any anti-virus programs that are running on your local machine. 

If problems persist, contact OCLC Support with the date and time of the failure and a general idea of what you were doing at the time. 

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