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The Label Program has an Error showing "File doesn't contain properly formatted labels"

Applies to
  • Connexion
  • Please verify that labels have been exported into the Label Program.
  • There could be a possible Label mismatch between Connexion and the Label Program. 
    • Please check Connexion Browser > General > Admin > PreferencesCataloging Options > Label format near the menu's bottom.
    • Compare that setting to Label Program > Options > Format.
    • If they don't match, then the data being requested may not be in the file exported to Label Program. Make them match and try again.
  • This error could be a corrupted label cache as described in the Connexion Browser known issue
    •             Labels "file could not be located" error message:
      •  When trying to view labels, if you get the error message "OCLC Cataloging Label Program. An error occurred with file: [filename and location]. The file could not be located," this may be a problem with the browser cache files. When this occurs, open Tools/Internet Options/General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings/View Files and manually delete the cache.
  • Check the title, author, call number and other fields for an ampersand(&) character. If you find one, replace it with "and", then try again.


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