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Record already in use by another user or Action not valid when attempting to work with a record in the Local Save File

  • Receive error message 'Record is already in use by another user' or 'Action not valid' when working with a record in the Local Save File
Applies to
  • Connexion client

Run a compact/repair by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Toolbar > File > Local File Manager.
  2. Click on the path to the local file to be repaired. (You want the file to be highlighted in blue).
  3. Click the Compact/Repair button (last button in row of buttons on right).
  4. Click OK when prompted.
  5. Click OK when prompted again.
  6. Click Close.
Additional information

Compact/Repair can help resolve the issue of records not deleting or being usable from the Local Save File.

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