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Launch Connexion browser to maintain local holdings records

Discover how to launch Connexion browser to maintain local holdings records in Connexion client.

Minimum authorization level: Maintaining local holdings records requires Limited or higher authorization.

Create and maintain local holdings records (LHRs) for items your library holds to make your holdings accessible through WorldCat.

To check whether a local holdings record exists for a record, see the holdings statement in the information area at the top of the record.

Example: Held by OCL/Local OCL holdings - 12 other holdings

Local holdings maintenance is provided in the Connexion browser, but you can open the browser and log on automatically from within the client:

  1. With an existing bibliographic record open in the client, click Tools > Launch Local Holdings Maintenance or press <Alt><T><L>.
     Note: You can open LHRs for WorldCat records and for online or local bibliographic save file records, while logged on or offline.

    Results: The client automates logging on in the Connexion browser and opening the local holdings record or list of records for the bibliographic record displayed in the client:
    • Opens your default browser.
    • Logs you on in the Connexion browser, using the default authorization and password you specify in Tools > Options > Authorizations in the client.
    • Displays the local holdings record (LHR) for the bibliographic record currently displayed in the client, or if multiple LHRs are retrieved, displays a local holdings summary list.
  2. Modify the local holdings record(s).
  3. When finished, click the X in the upper right corner of the browser window. You are automatically logged off the local holdings maintenance session.