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Set options

Learn how to set default options in CatExpress.

CatExpress users only

You need to set CatExpress options only if:  

  • You are a CatExpress subscriber.
    You plan to use CatExpress for a portion of your copy cataloging.

Why set CatExpress options?

  • Specify your preferred record view (MARC or Labeled).
  • Specify a default call number type.
  • Supply default information to streamline record editing:
    • Supply the holding library code you use most frequently.
    • Supply location information to be entered in field 852, subfield a.

Options for shared CatExpress authorizations

  • Each CatExpress authorization has one set of default options stored on the CatExpress server.
  • Users who share an authorization can establish a set of defaults for use by the group.
  • Users who prefer different settings can modify the defaults after logging in and then click the Save for Session button to apply changes without affecting the group's shared settings.

How to set CatExpress options

  1. From the CatExpress Options screen, click Preferences.
  2. Click Express Options.
  3. Under Default View, select one of the following:
    • MARC (default) – view bibliographic records with MARC tags, subfield codes, etc., to identify elements of record content
    • Label – view bibliographic records with descriptive labels for elements of record content
  4. Under Default Call Number, select None (default) if you want to select the call number type when editing each record or select the call number type you use most frequently:
    • Dewey
    • LC (Library of Congress)
    • NLM (National Library of Medicine)
  5. Under Default Label Format, select the label format you use most frequently. For more information, see section 2.7 Print labels.
  6. Under Default Holding Library Code, enter the holding library code you use most frequently.
     Note: The system supplies your default holding library code. Verify that the appropriate code appears and change if necessary.
  7. Under Default Location, supply the text you want to appear in Location (852 $a) in bibliographic records. 
    • Location maps to field 852 (Location/Call Number) in OCLC-MARC records. This field may be used to record local item information. Not all library systems can use 852 information. Confirm whether your system accepts 852 before using this field. This is an optional field.
    • When editing records, you may leave some or all of the Location data entry boxes blank. However, if you enter data in any other data entry box in 852 (Location), then you must enter a Location ($a) code.
  8. Click Save for Session to use the CatExpress settings for the current session only.
    Click Save My Default to use settings for future sessions.

Save changes, cancel, or restore original defaults

When finished viewing and/or changing options on this screen, use the buttons at the top and bottom of the screen to take an action.

Button Purpose/Result
Go Back

Return to the previous screen.

Save for Session
  • Save changes on this screen for the current session only.
  • When you log off, the system restores your previous default settings.
Save My Default
  • Save changes on this screen for the current session and future sessions.
  • The new settings remain in effect until you change them.
  • Restore original Connexion settings for options on this screen.
  • Reverse any changes you made during the current session or in previous sessions.
  • Reverse any changes you made since you accessed this screen during the current session.
  • Your previously saved settings remain in effect.

CatExpress reminders for Connexion users

If you use CatExpress for a portion of your workflow, this activity is billed on a per-transaction basis, at the same rate as Connexion activity.