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Call number: Class, Cutter, Type (09x) field

Find the available fields and subfields for call numbers and cutter numbers in CatExpress.

Fields and subfields in OCLC-MARC records

Call number maps to one of the following depending on your selection in Type (these are optional fields):

  • Field 090 (locally assigned LC-type call number) subfield $a (classification number).  
  • Field 092 (locally assigned Dewey call number) subfield $a (classification number).
  • Field 096 (locally assigned NLM-type call number) subfield $a (classification number).
  • Field 099 (local free-text call number) subfield $a (classification number). 

 Note: The 099 field is for call numbers based on a unique local classification scheme or for call numbers from a standard scheme (LC, Dewey, Government Document numbers) that are irregularly formatted.

Cutter mapping to OCLC-MARC

Cutter number from field below Maps to
090 (locally assigned LC-type call number) Subfield $b (local Cutter number)
092 (locally assigned Dewey call number) Subfield $b (item number)
096 (locally assigned NLM-type call number) Subfield $b (item number)
099 (local free-text call number) Second subfield $a

Call number and Cutter number

Call number Cutter Type
j888.0108 C832 Dewey
932.046 B61a Dewey
813.54 Butterworth Dewey
Fic OHENRY Local
Z711.9 .U58 1998 LC
PS3553.L245 R35 1998b LC
WO 100 B865s 1973   NLM
Q 180.A8 D618 NLM


Use the list to choose the type of call number (Dewey, LC, NLM, or Local).

Automatic class number addition to Dewey

If a record has a class number in field 082 and you enter a Cutter number without entering a class number, CatExpress automatically transfers the call number information from field 082 to the 092 in the OCLC-MARC record you receive. You do not see this transfer happen on the screen.

852 and local systems

Some local systems require call numbers in the 852 location field. Check with your system administrator to see if call numbers are required here in addition to being entered in the data entry boxes (090, 092, 096, 099) under the holding library code.