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Why is a bizarre font being used in the preview image of my PDF in CONTENTdm?

  • You see an odd font that is not used in your document being used on the initial display of a PDF in the CONTENTdm web site, but the document appears correctly when you open it fully in the Expanded view.
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If the PDF uploaded contains some fonts that are NOT embedded, then the preview image will be generated with the best-matched fonts installed on our server (which is limited, because many are licensed fonts that we can't have. We may install more open source fonts in the future.) That's why the PDF preview looks different from the original.

In the "Expand" view, for the NOT embedded fonts, the viewer will use the best-matched fonts available on your local computer, PC or Mac. So it might again looks different.

You can see if the fonts are embedded in by opening the file in Acrobat  and choosing File > Properties > Font


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