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How do I rename a collection in CONTENTdm?

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There are potentially three places to rename the collection. Some users want these names to display different depending on the context. One name for staff, one name for the abbreviated card view on the home page, and a longer sentence-length label on the collection landing page. So ensure that you check those 3 places when making changes to the collection name:

  1. Log into CONTENTdm Administration and go to Collections > Profile and edit the name.
  2. Check the page title for that collection on the landing pages in the Website Configuration Tool  under Collection-level Settings > Page Types > Landing Pages. There are actually two places to change it on that page:
    • In the Collection Landing Page Title box, edit the text. The title displays in the browser title bar and below the header on your Collection Landing page
    • In the Collection Title on Home Page box, edit the text. By default, the Collection Title on Home Page duplicates the Collection Landing Page Title. This title displays in the collection card that describes this collection on the homepage, if the Collection List on Home Page is enabled. You may want to create a shorter title for display on the Home Page that fits well on mobile sized screens


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