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Move an OCR license to another installation

Learn how to move or deactivate an OCR Extension license using the Project Client.

Moving an OCR Extension license

The OCR Extension license activation in the Project Client must be reset before it can be activated in a new installation.

The ABBYY FineReader OCR engine used in the Project Client requires Internet activation. After a license has been activated, it must be reset before it can be activated a second time.

Typically a reset is requested when staff responsibilities change and the license needs to be moved to another computer, or when a staff member's computer is upgraded or replaced. Resets should not be used to exceed the monthly page limit provided by your license.

To request an OCR license reset, contact OCLC Support. Please include the complete OCR license code and a brief description of the reason for the reset request. It can take 3-5 business days to reset the license.

 Note: If moving the license to another computer, the license on the original computer should be removed.

Removing or deactivating an OCR license

If an OCR Extension license needs to be moved to another computer or if a new OCR license needs to be activated, the existing OCR license first must be deactivated.

To deactivate an OCR Extension license:

  1. Close the Project Client.
  2. Navigate to the application folder:

    C:\Program Files\OCLC\CONTENTdm Project Client\OCR
  3. Look for a file with the extension .frelf and delete the file.
  4. Start the Project Client and OCR is no longer activated.

A new OCR license can be activated in the application, or a reactivated license can be moved to another workstation.


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