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19. CCWeb templates - Bibliographic records - Subfields per field

Next table gives an overview on the subfields that are generated per field in the different templates for bibliographic records.

When values within coded data fields are repeatable, these values are put in separate subfields. When one value is present, all occurrences of that particular subfield become mandatory.

CBS MARC tag PICA+ tag Indicators and subfields (PICA+)
0500 002@ $0 **7
(M)000 002L $bn $c $d $e $j $k $l
(M)06A 012A $a $a $a $a $b $c $d $d $d $d $e $f $g $h $j $k
(M)06C 012C $a $b $c $d $e $f $f $f $f $f $f $g $g $i
(M)06D 012D $a $b $c $d $e $f $f $f $f $f $f $g $g $i
(M)06E 012E  $a $a $a $a $b $d $f $g $i $k $k
(M)06F 012F $a $a $a $a $b $d $f $g $i $k $k
(M)06G 012G $a $c $e $f $h $i
(M)06I 012I $a $b $c $d $e $f $f $f $f $f $f $g $g $i
(M)06J 012J $a $b $c $d $e $f $f $f $f $f $f $g $g $i
(M)06K 012K $a $c $e $f $h $i
(M)06M 012M $b $c $e $g
(M)06O 012O $a $c $e $f $h $i
(M)06P 012P $b
(M)06R 012R  $a $c $e $f $h $i
(M)06S 012S $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $h $h $i $j $l $m
(M)06T 012T $a $a $a $a $b $c $d $d $d $d $e $f $g $h $j $k
(M)07A 013A $a $b $d $e $f $g $h
(M)07C 013C $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i $j $k $l
(M)07D 013D $a $b $d $e $f
(M)07F 013F $a $b $d $d $e $f $f $f $g
(M)07G 013G $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i
(M)07H 013H $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i $j
(M)07K 013K $a $b $d $e $f
(M)07M 013M $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i $j $k $l $m $n $o $p $q $r
(M)07O 013O $a $b
(M)07Q 013Q $a $b
(M)07R 013R $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i $j
(M)07S 013S $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i $j $k $l $m $n
(M)07T 013T $a $b
(M)07V 013V  $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $i
(M)07Z 013Z $a $b
(M)08A 014A $b $c $d $e $f $g $h
(M)08B 014B $a $a $a $a $b $c $d $d $d $d $e $f $g $h $j $k
(M)08C 014C $b $c $e $g
(M)08D 014D  $a $a $a $a $b $d $f $g $i $k $k
(M)08E 014E  $a $b $c $d $e $f $f $f $f $f $f $g $g $i
(M)08F 014F $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $h $h $i $j $l $m
(M)08G 014G $a $c $e $f $h $i
(M)08H 014H  $b
(M)020 015K $S## $a $q $z
(M)022 015M $S $a $l
(M)024 015O $S $a $d $q $2
(M)031 015V  $S## $a $b $c $t $2
(M)034 015Y  $S $a $b $c $d $e $f $g $2
(M)040 016E $S## $a $b $e $c
(M)047 016L $S $a $2
(M)048 016M  $S $a $b $2
(M)100 020A  $S $a $b $c $d $j $q
(M)110 020K $S $a $b $c
(M)130 021E $S $a $f $g $l $n $p
(M)240 031O $S $a $n $p $m $o $r $l
(M)245 031T $S $a $b $c $k $n $p
(M)250 031Y $S## $a $b
(M)254 032C  $S## $a
(M)255 032D $S## $a $b $c
(M)256 032E $S## $a
(M)264 032M $S $a $b $c
(M)300 040A $S## $a $b $c
(M)306 040G $S## $a
(M)310 040K $S## $a $b
(M)336 041K $S## $a $b $2 $3
(M)337 041L  $S## $a $b $2 $3
(M)338 041M $S## $a $b $2 $3
(M)340 041O $S## $a $b $c $d $e $f $g $h $j $j $k $m $n $o
(M)344 041S $S## $a $b $c
(M)345 041T $S## $a $b
(M)346 041U $S## $a $b
(M)347 041V $S## $a $b $c $d
(M)348 041W $S## $a $b
(M)382 043E  $S $a $b $d $e $n $s $t $v $2
(M)383 043F $S## $a $b $c $d $e $2
(M)384 043G $S $a
(M)490 053M $S $a $v
(M)500 060A $S## $a
(M)504 060E $S## $a $b
(M)508 060I  $S## $a
(M)510 060K $S $a
(M)511 060L  $S $a
(M)516 060Q  $S $a
(M)520 060U  $S $a
(M)538 061M $S## $a $i $u
(M)541 061P $S $3 $a $c $d $e $f $n $o $5
(M)550 061Y $S## $a
(M)561 062J $S $3 $a
(M)563 062L $S## $3 $a $5
(M)583 063F $S $a $b $c $x $5
(M)700 080A $S $a $b $c $d $j $q
(M)710 080K $S $a $b $c
(M)753 082B $S## $a $b $c
(M)773 082V  $S $a $t $d $g $x
(M)830 091E $S $a