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How to use these exercises

OCLC's hands-on training exercises are designed to give you an opportunity to practice building your skills while working in a safe environment.

These interactive exercises can help you learn a new service, teach a new staff member how to use a service, and can also prepare you with basic knowledge about a service prior to taking one of our instructor-led courses.

Monthly Circulation statistics

The Monthly Circulation Statistics report displays circulation statistics by event branch, patron category, permanent shelving location, temporary shelving location or material format within a specified date range.  It provides details at the month and year level.  You can use this report to perform a quick count of items checked in, checked out and renewed.  This tutorial reviews creating a PDF of summary statistics, filtering by main branch and material format, and further filtering by a temporary shelving location.

 Monthly Circulation statistics

After completing the exercise, please take a few moments to complete this brief survey.


Navigate the Fund Balance report

The Fund Balance report displays the summary of fund balance activity by budget status. Using the Fund Balance report, this tutorial reviews creating a PDF of the report, filtering by over committed funds, and filtering by top level and child funds.

 Fund Balance Report

After completing the exercise, please take a few moments to complete this brief survey.


System requirements for Flash-based tutorials
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