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WorldShare Reports release notes, November 2018

Release Date: November 18, 2018


Review these sections to see the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for this release:

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Reporting updates

Update to underlying reporting engine (SAP BusinessObjects)

The underlying reporting engine (SAP BusinessObjects) powering WorldShare Reports and Report Designer will be upgraded to a new support package on 18 November 2018. This upgrade includes some infrastructure changes and a few other noticeable features. Users may see the following changes after the upgrade.

Text Option

A new next option will appear when creating a new Report Designer document on the Create a Document screen, as well as on the Query Panel under Add Query. In both cases, this new option should be ignored as it doesn’t serve a function in WorldShare Reports or Report Designer.

Text option in Create a document dialog

Text option in query panel

Scheduling Options - Delivery Rules

There are two new Delivery Rule options when scheduling a report in Report Designer. 

First, users can elect that scheduled reports are only delivered if the content of the report has been successfully refreshed and is not partial. If this condition is not met, user can choose for Report Designer to return either a “Warning” or “Failed” error message in the report’s history. 

The second option allows users to set a rule that scheduled reports are only delivered if they contain data. Known Issue: Some provided standard reports may not be able to utilize this option, as they have complex queries that may not correctly trigger the “no data” inaction.

Both options allow users to choose for Report Designer to return either a “Warning” or “Failed” error message in the report’s history if the condition is not met. A “Warning” error will not stop the report from being delivered, while the “Failed” error will actually suppress the delivery of the report file.

Delivery rules

Scheduling Options - Formats

There are three new output formats when scheduling reports:


Variable Descriptions

Users can now add a description when creating a variable:

Variable descriptions

Time Dimension on Date Fields

Time dimensions can be created on any date field in Report Designer, by right-clicking on the date field in the Available Objects list:

Time dimension on date fields

Additional Chart Types

Three additional chart types are available:

New chart types

Important links

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at:


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