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About Reports


You can use the tools available in Reports to monitor your institution's activity within the WorldShare application, including reports on WMS activity and cataloging work in Record Manager.

 Note: What you see in the WorldShare interface may vary depending on your roles.

 Learn more in a training course:  Start Here: Standard reports

Within the WorldShare interface, navigate to Analytics > Reports.

In this area, you can open:

WorldShare Reports interface




  1. Reports: to run and export standard WorldShare Reports
  2. Report Launch Pad (Report Designer only): to run standard reports, design custom reports, and/or save, edit, export, or schedule reports






Open and close reports

Open a new standard report

  1. In the left navigation, click Reports.
  2. Click a report category accordion to expand the menu.
  3. Click the name of the report you wish to run. The report will open in a new browser tab.

Open a new standard report (report authoring permission)

Note: With report authoring permission, you can access metadata reports from Reports in the left navigation.

  1.  In the left navigation, click Report Launch Pad.
  2. Click a report category folder.
  3. Double-click the name of the report you wish to run. The report will open in a new tab in the Report Launch Pad.

Open a saved custom or standard report

  1. Open a new report
  2. Close the Prompts window.
  3. Click the Open button () in the main toolbar.
  4. Select the report you want to open from the Choose a document dialog.
  5. Click Open. The saved report will open in the same browser tab.

Close a standard report

To close a standard report, click the x on the open browser tab.

Standard report interface

Close a Metadata report

To close a Metadata report, click the x in the Open report tab in the left navigation.

Metadata report interface

Close a custom or standard report (report authoring permission)

With report authoring permission, click the x in the report title tab to close a custom or standard report. When you are finished working with reports in the Report Launch Pad, click Log off > Leave Page.

Report authoring permission interface