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Future plans for COUNTER 5 usage reports

Find information about the development of incorporating COUNTER 5 usage reports in License Manager.


OCLC has been harvesting all COUNTER 4 reports for some time now, and that experience has given us insight into which COUNTER 5 report types will likely be the highest priority. (See the chart at the end of the most recent WorldShare License Manager SUSHI vendor report to see COUNTER 4 report popularity.) We’ll continue to support the harvesting of COUNTER 4 reports going forward until those vendors end up moving to COUNTER 5.

To concentrate on moving the COUNTER 5 reports into Analytics as quickly as possible, no additional COUNTER 4 report types are currently scheduled to be migrated into Analytics. Currently, Analytics is ingesting COUNTER 4 JR1, JR2, BR1, and DB1 reports. Please use the new License Manager “Harvest Summary” calculator for those cases which require a single metric total. Also, let us know of any use cases where you’re unable to calculate the numbers needed so we can adjust our priorities as necessary.


As you may already know, the new COUNTER 5 standard involves many changes around how usage statistics are generated. These changes include how the publishing vendor organizes the data, what format the usage statistics are reported in, as well as changes in how the reports are to be harvested. See the COUNTER website for more details. We’ve received our first COUNTER 5 report examples and have begun the work of analyzing those reports. With those in hand we’ve begun working on the following priority list of features:

  1. New option in the harvester to automatically connect to COUNTER 5 API vendor sources
  2. New option in the harvester to manually upload COUNTER 5 report files into License Manager
  3. New parser to ingest COUNTER 5 JSON files and convert them into files that Analytics can understand, as well as files you can download in spreadsheet format
  4. New group functionality to take advantage of COUNTER 5’s new “getConsortiumMembers” feature. This will allow consortia managers the ability to harvest reports for all member libraries
  5. Support for the new COUNTER 5 reports implemented in the following priority order:
    1. Title reports for journals and e-books (TR_J1 and TR_B1) and platform (PR_P1)
    2. Title turn-away reports for journals and e-books (TRJ2 and TR_B2)
    3. Database usage and turn-away reports (DR_D1 and DR_D2)
    4. Any extended reports available

Our target is to have the first batch of these reports available in the third quarter of this calendar year, so sometime after the summer months. Analytics is targeting the 1st half of the next calendar year for the new data universes to be created with the title and platform reports available (TR_J1, TR_B1, and PR_P1).


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