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WorldShare Collection Evaluation release notes, March 2015

Release Date: March 26, 2015


This document provides information on features and enhancements that were added to the software. Links to product information, Support pages, and upcoming events are also included.

New features and enhancements

Analyzing and exporting titles

Download export files within the WorldShare Environment

In addition to the current FTP option, you can now download your export files from within the WorldShare environment with a single sign-on. You can view your
export files by going to the left navigation menu, clicking My Files, then Download Files.

In the Download Files table, files are listed according to the Post Date with the most recent file listed first. You can download your files one at a time by clicking
the associated Download button in the Action column.

Your browser opens a dialog box so that you can save the file to an appropriate location on your local system. Each file can be downloaded multiple times;
however, each file will have a unique name that includes the date and time that it was downloaded.

Files are available for 90 days from the Post Date.

Download export files

Exported files are saved in .zip format

When you export a file, it is now saved in the .zip format instead of .gz so that you can easily open the files without special software or training.

Exported files are now available after two hours on FTP site

Exported files on the FTP server are now available after two hours instead of 24 hours.

Managing comparisons

Deactivate and reactivate comparisons

On the Manage Comparisons page you can deactivate and reactivate comparisons that are listed in the Current Comparisons table. You can deactivate existing active comparisons and reactivate existing expired or deactivated comparisons.

The Deactivate and Reactivate links are listed in the Actions column. When you click either of these links, a confirmation dialog box appears to verify that you want to complete the action.

Reactivate comparison

Extend the expiration date of comparisons

If you do not want a current comparison to expire, you can click the Extend link in the Actions column to extend the expiration date up to 30 days. After you click the link, a confirmation dialog appears to verify that you want to complete the action. You can extend existing active comparisons.

Extend comparison

View call number ranges for conspectus subject

You can view call number ranges by hovering over a conspectus subject. The box shows you the LC, Dewey, and NLM classifications that are associated with the subject. This information will help you confirm classification ranges that are covered by a subject in the conspectus.

Bug fixes

Commas now added to My Library holdings value

If a My Library holdings value exceeds three digits, the comma is now added for readability.

Important links

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at:


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