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WorldShare Collection Evaluation release notes, May 2015

Release Date: May 26, 2015


This document provides information on features and enhancements that were added to the software. Links to product information, Support pages, and upcoming events are also included.

New features and enhancements

Analyzing and exporting titles

Visual changes to Benchmarking page

On the Benchmarking page, the pie chart was changed to a bar chart to better illustrate the library holdings.

When you hover over a comparison type in the bar chart, the holdings count and percentage appear in a pop-up box.

Benchmarking page

View Data button added to Benchmarking page

At the bottom of the Benchmarking page, click the View Data button to open a table that provides the analysis data in spreadsheet format (as opposed to displaying it as a graph). The table organizes the titles by publication date ranges and lists them not only by the unique titles for your library, but also groups the titles that are not held by your library and that are held by all libraries.

View data button on Benchmarking page

The holdings count for each type (Held by all, Held Uniquely by My Library and Not Held by My Library) is a hyperlink to title information. After you click a count, a Name Export File dialog box will appear. Assign a name for the file and then click OK. An export will be created containing title information for the count you selected.

You can download the spreadsheet by clicking the Export Table button. After you click the button, a CSV file of the table will automatically download to your workstation’s Downloads folder.

View total counts in bar chart

On the Benchmarking page at the top of the graph, total holdings counts are now available for the following categories:

  • Comparison’s holdings for selected subjects
  • My Library’s holdings for selected subjects
  • Comparison’s holdings that meet selected limits
  • Subject holdings that meet selected limits

Benchmarking total counts

Export options available for Benchmarking Comparison chart

On the Benchmarking page, a drop-down menu was added that allows you to export the actual data in the title list using one of these three options:

  • Mine Only
  • Held All
  • Not Held

Benchmarking export options

Managing comparisons

HathiTrust comparison matching code improved

The HathiTrust comparison algorithm now compares the OCLC number of records in the library’s collection against two fields in the Hathi record:

  • 001 - OCLC number of the Hathi master record
  • 776 $w - OCLC number of the original print record

Previously the comparison was only against the OCLC number of the record in Hathi, which is generally different than the OCLC number for the print version that was digitized. This led to a lower match rate for the HathiTrust collection.

Now if an institution’s print OCLC number matches multiple holdings in Hathi, the online comparison count will be 1, reflecting only the institution’s print holding. When comparison data is exported, it will include all Hathi holdings matching the OCLC number.

Viewing your library collection

Conspectus map link added to My Library page

The My Library page has a new Conspectus map link. When you click this link, you will be taken to the OCLC Conspectus page located in the WorldShare Analytics Collection Evaluation online help.

Conspectus map button

Important links

Support website(s)

Support information for this product and related products can be found at: