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Create a circulation report for non-WMS libraries

Discover how to create a circulation report for non-WMS libraries in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.

Run a circulation report from your integrated library system (ILS) to produce either an XML (preferred) or a tab-delimited file. The file should include all items circulated within a given date range and can contain up to five years of data.

Data elements

The file must contain the data elements in the order shown below for each circulation transaction.

Element Required Definition Example
OCLCSym Y OCLC institution symbol LUU
OCLC Y OCLC accession number 44016390
ItemID N

Local item ID

Note: Unused. Leave field blank.

OwnLoc* N

Owning location of circulated item

Note: Unused. Leave field blank.

ChOutDt Y Check-out date (mm/dd/yyyy format) 09/28/2004
ChInDt N Check-in date (mm/dd/yyyy format) 11/20/2004
*Location determined by 852 $b and $c in your local holdings records (LHR).
Templates (XSD and TXT)
File Template
XML file XSD schema
Tab-delimited TXT file TXT file

File name guidelines

The file name should include:

  • No spaces in the file name
  • The institution symbol of the library submitting the file (e.g., OCC)
  • A date stamp indicating when the file was submitted in “YYYY_MM_DD” format (e.g., 2012_06_29)
  • Do not use special characters in file names, such as ~!@#$%^&*()+=-/'"][{}|\

Methods of creating unique file names

  • You can combine these methods or use another.
  • Add the date and time to the file name: myfile.d20080521.t1256
  • Add a serial number to the end of the file: myfile1, myfile2

Multiple files

  • If you send more than one file per day, each file must have a unique name.
  • If you send multiple files with the same name in the same day, only the last one sent will be retained and processed.