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What are the fields in the Digby inventory report?

Applies to
  • Digby
  • WMS Circulation

The report includes a summary tab that shows the results of the session in terms of the number of items inventoried and the number of exceptions. For each of those sets, there is a separate tab that shows:

  • Inventory response - what action should be taken after the inventory scan
  • Scanned timestamp -  milliseconds elapsed since midnight, January 1, 1970 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).  There are many ways to convert that column to human readable. For example, in Excel enter that timestamp in A1, then enter the following formula in B1:  =A1/86400000+25569 and format B1 as a Date+time.
  • Date Inventoried - Corresponds to the item last inventoried date in WMS.
  • Item metadata, including holding location, location, item type, call number, author, title, material type, OCLC Number, barcode, enumeration, publisher, date, language
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