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If patrons in the delete file have outstanding checkouts or bills, will they still be deleted by the bulk patron delete process?

  • You've created a patron delete file to delete patrons in mass, but now are concerned that some of them may have fines, fees or items overdue. 
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation
  • WMS Admin

The Bulk patron delete process is set up to run similarly to the process you go through at the circulation desk. If you include in a bulk patron delete file a patron account that cannot be deleted,  instead of getting a message to the screen a message will be written to an error log and the patron will not be deleted. The report will be available in the wms/reports directory.

Accounts cannot be deleted if the patron has:

  • Outstanding checkouts
  • Outstanding bills
  • Been sent to a collection agency

The following will not prevent a patron from being deleted:

  • Expired
  • Active hold
  • Room scheduled
  • ILL requests
  • Any proxy accounts
Additional Information

There is more information on how to delete Patron records in bulk using Tab-delimited  and XML files. 

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