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SIP2 IP Address

Use this screen to register the IP addresses of your SIP2 clients for communication with the server.

  • To create a new policy, you must first configure your SIP client's settings on the SIP2 Configuration screen.
  • The IP addresses that you enter on this screen must be static, routable, and have access to the Internet.

You need to contact OCLC Support if:

  • You are setting up SIP2 for WMS for the first time
  • You are establishing a SIP2 connection via the open internet (through an unencrypted (http) protocol)

Add a new IP address

  1. Click  Create New  to add a new IP address.
  2. Fill in the fields in the order below:
    1. IP Address: The IP address that is granted access to the SIP2 service.
      • The IP address must be static, routable, and have access to the Internet.
      • This value cannot be changed once it has been entered.
      • To change an IP address, you need to delete the row and enter the new value into a new row.
      • You can use the same IP address for multiple branches or institutions, but you also need to enter a Login ID and Password. If you do not enter a Login ID and Password, then you cannot use the IP address more than once.
    2. Username: The username that is connected to the IP address.
      • The Login Id is used to let a connection switch between an institution or branch from the same IP address by issuing a Login Message (93).
      • If you do not enter a Login Id, then the IP address can only be used in one institution or branch; you only need to enter a Login ID if you are using the IP address for more than one institution or branch.
    3. Password: The password that is connected to the Login Id. If the username changes, the password will be reset and needs to be re-entered.
    4. Description: Optional text field to add a description of the IP address.
    5. Branch: Indicates to which branch the policy applies.
    6. Vendor: The vendor of your SIP2 client.
      • Bibliotheca and Envisionware are supported vendors and can be selected from the list.
      • If your SIP2 client is not from a supported vendor, select default.
    7. Activated: If Activated is not selected, the IP address will not be able to connect to the SIP2 Server. To temporarily disable an IP address, deselect the check box.
  3. Click Save.
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