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Hold Fulfillment Policy Map

Use this screen to apply hold fulfillment policies to patron types and items.

Processing order

When an item is available to fulfill a hold, the system evaluates the rows in the map in this order until a match is found:

  1. Top to bottom (rows)
  2. Left to right (settings in rows)

It is recommended to:

  • Put your most restrictive rows at the top of the map
  • Have a row at the bottom of the map to cover all patron types, material formats, branches, and locations

Create or edit rows in the hold request policy map

  1. On the Hold Fulfillment Policy Map screen, fill in the fields in the order below:
    1. Patron Policy: Select the Patron Policy from the list. Create patron type policies on the Patron Type Policy screen.
    2. Material Format: Material format is defined in an item's master record. For more information, see Material Type Names and Codes to determine how the master record provides material format.
    3. Holding Location: Holding Code, as set on the Holding Codes Translation Table screen. You must select a holding location in order to select a shelving location.
    4. Shelving Location: Shelving Location, as set on the Holding Codes Translation Table screen. If an item has a temporary and permanent location in WMS, the circulation policy will use the temporary location.
    5. Hold Fulfillment Policy: Select the Hold Fulfillment Policy from the list. Create hold fulfillment policies on the Hold Fulfillment Policy screen.
    6. Add/Delete (rightmost column):
      • To add a row, click the Add button (Add button).
      • To delete a row, click the Remove button (Remove button).
      • To change a row's position on the map, use the up (Up arrow) and down (Down arrow) arrows.
  2. Click Save.

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Hold Fulfillment Policy Map depends upon:

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