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Why are all items displaying on the item receiving screen rather than just those that are not received

  • When you receive items in WMS Acquisitions you are seeing all items that are both received and not received, but only want items that are not received to display.
Applies to
  • WMS Acquisitions

Use the following steps to change the Receipt status drop-down: 

  1. With WMS Acquisitions open, click the Receive and Invoice button on the left. 
  2. Fill in the Processing type, Action, Vendor, and Invoice Number fields on the left.
  3. Put your cursor in the Search Text box and hit Return
  4. Both received and not received items should display. Change the Receipt status drop-down to Not Received
  5. The data will update to only those items that haven't been received yet. 

If the problem persists after checking this setting, contact OCLC Support with your symbol and a sample where this is happening. 

Additional information

We have information on filtering in the receive screen.

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