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Why am I unable to save edits to the Budget/Fund listed for an item in an open order?

  • After editing the Budget for an item, Save Order is not an available option
Applies to
  • WorldShare Acquisitions 

To save changes to the Budget/Fund column for items listed on an open order, you will need to update both the Budget and Fund listed in the drop-down menus for the item. To do this, follow these directions: 

  1. Find the open order under Acquisitions > Orders.
  2. Click the Order Name or Order # to open the order. 
  3. Within the Budget/Fund column for an item, select a new budget from drop-down list and select a new fund from the drop-down list on the line below. 
  4. Click Save Order

If you are still unable to edit the budget for an item on an open order, please contact OCLC Support.  

Additional information

For more information about editing an open order, see the View and edit an order help page. 

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