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I am getting an error that says "RFF SLI did not match to any existing order item"

Applies to
  • WorldShare Acquisitions  

This error is that the Vendor Order Item Number from the RFF+SLI was not found.

If the uploaded file includes an RFF+SLI value, then this value must match up with a Vendor Order Item Number for an order item in the system.  For example, Vendor Order Item Numbers for GOBI can only be entered by importing a MARC order record from GOBI.  This is the only time they send the GOBI order key. 

This means that either your library did not import a MARC order file for these items, or the uploaded file did not contain a vendor order item number in the 981 $z field for some reason.  

Additional information

For subscriptions from EBSCO, you will need to enter the Vendor Order Item Number into the system based on data provided by EBSCO.

More information about Importing invoice data into WorldShare Acquisitions is available.

Import invoice data from EDIFACT file


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