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Can a fund be credited via an API instead of creating an invoice?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Acquisitions
  • Acquisitions API

There is no way to add a credit directly to a fund. An invoice needs to be created. Then, you can either add a credit for the order item you have a credit/refund for, or alternatively, you can add a local resource invoice item (e.g. Tax Rebates) to the invoice.  If you associate the credit/refund invoice item with the order item, then this credit/refund will be incorporated in the payment price of the item.  If you simply create a local resource invoice item, the credit/refund will not be associated with the payment price.

Once the invoice is paid, the credit/refund will be applied to the fund(s) selected for the credit/refund item.  This will reduce the Expended value of the fund by whatever the amount of the credit/refund.

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