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Manage global issues

Discover how to create, edit, and delete global issues in WorldCat using the Manage Issues tab in WorldShare Acquisitions.

 To create, edit, or delete global issues in WorldCat, use the Manage Issues tab on the Issues screen. Changes made will be published to all other libraries.

 Note: Editing and deleting issues is inadvisable if other libraries have already received this issue.

Create global issues

  1. Search for the serial in Discover Items in the left navigation.
  2. From the search results, click the serial's title.
  3. In the top right, click Issues.
  4. Click the Manage Issues tab.
  5. Click Add issue.
  6. In the Add Issue dialog, fill in the following fields:
    1. Chronology
    2. Expected Release (Shipping) Date
    3. (Optional) Issue Type
    4. (Optional) Enumeration

       Note: See Issue fields for more explanation.

  7. (Optional) To create a date range, check the Create Range box. A second row appears under Chronology to provide an end date for the range.
  8. Click SaveThe issue is added and is available to all WMS libraries.

Edit global issues

  1. Click the Manage Issues tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the Actions column to edit the issue. Edits affect all WMS libraries that use the Issue screen. Edits do not affect local holdings records on the Copies screen.
  3. Click Acknowledge to accept the warning that this change will be published to all other libraries.
  4. When you are finished editing, click Save.

Issue fields

Some issue fields require explanation:

Field Description

Date or period of publication (year, quarter, season, month, week, day, etc.).

Enumeration (Optional) The numbering scheme used to organize the issues of a serial publication (volume, number, part, issue, etc.).
Enumeration Level (Optional)

The number of levels of enumeration used for the serial.


0: no enumeration

2: volume, number

3: volume, issue, number

Note: To prevent duplicate issues, the first two levels of enumeration must be unique.

Expected Release (Shipping) Date

The date the publisher ships the issue. The system-supplied value is based on the Chronology you enter.

If this date is unknown, subtract the estimated shipping time from the date received or expected.

Issue Preview Automatically shows your changes as you make them.
Issue Type (Optional)

Basic: A single issue (default)

Index: Issue that contains only an index

Supplement: Any extra or bonus issue

Delete global issues

  1. Click the Manage Issues tab.
  2. Click the minus icon. An issue can be deleted only if no WMS library has received it.

Use item in hand for issue metadata

When creating or editing issues, make sure the issue metadata (captions, chronology type, etc.) is based on the data from the issue itself. If you want to change the issue metadata to anything other than what appears on the issue itself, make these changes in your library’s WorldCat holdings. For more information, see Create a local holding record.


Data On issue Desired outcome Comments
Captions v.1 i.3 v.1 n.3 Adjust issue within WorldCat Holdings
Chronology Type

Year, Month - e.g.

v.1 i.1 2014 Jan.

Year Only - e.g.

v.1. i.1 2014

Adjust issue within WorldCat Holdings