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Manage order item templates

Discover how to create and delete order item templates in WorldShare Acquisitions.

Create an order item template

Order templates are used to store order information that is reused. Templates are applied to items, not to orders. You can only create templates from items in open orders.

 Note: You cannot create an order item template with a disabled fund.

  1. Find an open order (see Search and filter orders) or item in an open order (see Search one-time order items and Find, filter, and search subscription items).
  2. On the order screen, click an item's title.
  3. On the Order Item Details screen, make the edits you need for your template.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Create Template.
  6. On the Save Order Item as a Template window, enter the template name and description.
  7. On the Save Order Item as a Template window, click Save. You may need to go back and make changes to the order item used to create the template before placing the order.

 Note: Currently, you cannot edit templates.

Delete an order item template

Currently, the only way to delete template is to find an item, add it to an order, select a template, and then delete the template.

  1. From the Discover Items or Discover Collections search results screen, find an item and click Add to Order.
  2. On the Add Item to Order window, select the template you want to delete from the Apply Order Template list.
  3. On the Item Details area, click Delete Template.
  4. Click Close.