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Add multiple order items to an invoice

Discover how to find and add multiple items directly to an invoice in WorldShare Acquisitions.

You can invoice up to 100 order items at one time. This allows you to quickly complete invoicing workflows, such as invoicing all order items on an order or all subscription items for a vendor in a specific budget year. 

  1. Search for a set of order items using the order item search, e.g. search by Order Number to see all items associated with a specific order.
  2. Use the checkboxes to the left of each order item to select any items you want to include on the invoice. To select all results on the page, click the topmost checkbox.
  3. Click the Invoice button above the table.
  4. On the Add to Invoice screen, search for the invoice you want to add the items to and select it.

     Note: You can also click New Invoice to create a new invoice.

  5. Click Continue.
  6. On the Invoice Copies screen, review the items that can and cannot be invoiced.
    • Any ordered items with unpaid and uninvoiced copies can be invoiced.
    • Any items on open (or unplaced) orders cannot be invoiced.
    • Copies that are already paid or invoiced cannot be invoiced using this method.
    • Occasionally an order item will have some copies that are already paid and some copies that are not. In this case, the order item will show up both in the table of items that can be invoiced and in the table of copies that cannot be invoiced.
  7. To confirm, click Invoice Items.
  8. Invoice items are created for each order item. To navigate to the invoice, click on the hyperlinked invoice number in the confirmation message at the top of the screen.