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About Acquisitions

WorldShare Acquisitions facilitates the ordering, receiving, and processing of physical and electronic items. WorldShare Acquisitions supports the following functions:

  • Discovering items to order (including adding copies of, and placing holds on, items)
  • Ordering physical and electronic items
  • Receiving and invoicing items
  • Managing budgets
  • Managing vendors

WorldShare Acquisitions integrates with the other functions of OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS).

Acquisitions interface



















  • Discover Items: Search for, order, and add copies of, an item. Also, place holds on an item.
  • Discover Collections: Search for, order, and add copies of, an e-resource.
  • Local Resources: Search for, order, and add copies of, a local resource.
  • Orders: Create, search for, or browse orders.
  • Serial Issues: Track and claim missing serial issues.
  • Receive and Invoice: Receive items and create invoices. Process open invoices. Download labels for received items.
  • Invoices: Create and edit invoices. 
  • Budgets: Create and edit budgets.
  • Vendors: Create and edit vendor information.
  • Automated Jobs: Create and edit automated jobs for file retrieval and import.
  • Settings. Create and edit legal deposit receipts and custom fields.


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