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Set a default budget period

Discover how to set a default budget period for use in ordering and invoicing in WorldShare Acquisitions.

You can set a current or future budget period as the default budget period for ordering and invoicing. By setting a future budget period as the default, you can easily invoice and order with the future budget during the period of time after the current budget period is no longer being used and before it is formally closed.


  • A budget period must be enabled for use before you can set it as the default. For more information, refer to Enable future budget period for use.
  • When you invoice order items still encumbered on the current budget period, they will still default to the budget period of the order item.
  1. Navigate to Budgets > Select Budget in the left navigation and select the budget you wish to set as default from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. At the top of the page, select the Enable as default check box.
  4. In the Change default budget period pop-up dialog, click OK.
  5. (Optional) To change the default budget period back to the original default budget period, open the former default budget period and select the Enable as default check box.