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Configure SDI alert

Discover how to configure a SDI alert in OLIB.


SDI Alerts use the same mechanisms as for other alert notices. If you have not already done so, configure the SMTP Server name.

Alerting> Notices is where you set up an Alert notice. This becomes the 'parent' record of the SDI profiles that will be created. The SDI profiles are also set up in the Notices domain and are linked to the parent Alert notice record. SDI profiles can also be created in the OPAC and library staff subsequently link them to the default alert notice.

Create an SDI alert

  1. Go to Alerting> Notices and edit the following fields below.
  2. Search for the example SDI alert that is supplied with the system - %SDI.
  3.  Select the record and in Other Actions click Create Close Copy. Edit the copy (note that the copy will have a numeric notice number – pre-supplied alerts include OP in their number). The copy becomes the parent alert notice for the SDI Profiles that library staff and OPAC users create.
  4. Notice Type should be set to SDI Alert.
  5. Amend the Brief and Full description fields as required.
  6. Amend the Notice Text to present the data in the form you require – ensure that you set the 'straight to' URL for your OPAC. Alternatively this can be configured on the SDI Profile record - or you can specify the bibliographic details of each item in the email using the Copies OLSTF #ITEM#...#ITEM# hash tag set.

    <body><basefont size="3" color="blue" face="Arial"/>New items have been added to the Library Catalogue in the past <FREQPER> <FREQTYPE> which match your SDI profile <PROFILEDESC>. Please click <A HREF="http://arthur/opac/?sl=<LISTNO>">here</A> to display the list of titles.</body>
  7. The From Address can also be added to this parent notice e.g.

When the alert notice is configured, the SDI Profiles can be linked to it via the Parent Notice field.