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Auto-delete user records

Learn how to set up automatic deletion of user records in OLIB.

There is a process that allows batch deletion of Users, Copies and Titles. This can be useful in a number of situations. For example once a cohort of students have left and all available actions taken to recover any overdue items, the Users can be put into the "Users for deletion" Folder and the batch process will delete them and any copies they have when the overnight daystart process is run. The main advantage of using this batch deletion, rather than the right mouse methods or individual deletion processes is in speed of operation.

These folders are accessible only to the system administrator and are found in the Folders search in the Menu. Permissions can be given to other users on these Folders as required. Putting items in these folders is the same process as for any other folders – the difference is that the items will be automatically deleted overnight by the Daystart process.


  1. In the Users domain, search for the items for deletion.
  2. Check the box for the User for deletion and click Add to Folder.
  3. Select the Folder e.g. Users for Auto-Deletion.

The Daystart process will delete those User records when it next runs.