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Reporting and alerts

Find an overview of the reporting and alerts features available in OLIB Service Pack 13.

User List of Loans Alert

It is now possible to configure a user list of loans alert so that it is sent “n” days after the user’s

Expires date.


  1. Go to Alerting> Notices and search for the list of loans alert.
  2. In Days Before Expiry field, enter a negative value to denote how many days after the user’s expiry date, when the list of loans notice should be sent to the User.

System Reports search

The System Reports Search only lists “system” reports, but now prompts you to also enter search criteria to search for the report name.

There are several pages of records to navigate, as this search has become the container for many placeholder reports - there to enable the system administrator to download from the Reports Repository with minimal effort.

New Reports

All new reports are available from the Reports Repository.

CI036 – Courses With No Loans

This report lists all the Courses, none of whose members have borrowed an item during the reporting period.

SYS009 - Table Listing

This new report is now available to replace the requirement to update the Table Listing document for each service pack:

Parameters are available for you to select the tables you require, e.g. –

Menu Group – Cataloguing; Domain - Subjects:

You can preview the report as shown or choose from various outputs as normal.

CI025 Loans/Renewals by Institutions and Ownership

This report is now available in OLIB Web (formerly a Jasper Report)

Report Date: Wednesday 31 October 2018 13:54:39

Date Range: 01/01/18 - 31/12/18

Locations: All

Institutions: All

Geo. Collections: All

For Location: Branch Out


Transaction Type

No. Transactions



Automatic Renewal


Total for Loc: Branch Out for 01/01/18 - 31/12/18:


CI012- Analysis of Self Renewals

This report gives a count of the renewals that have occurred for the time period given.

CI017 - Historical list of transactions by collection

Lists historical transactions of a collection. The collection is defined by the details in media sub- type, subject type and shelfmark

CI040 Monthly Circulation Statistics by Copy Category

Gives a monthly count of circulation transactions and allows collation of results by one or two of Location, User Category or Department.

CI016 Transactions of a Location's Stock

Gives a count of transactions between specified dates at specified location(s)

Changes to Existing Reports

Reports that have been changed are available from the Reports Repository.

CI005 – Title Activity Stats report

This report now includes the Media Type in the output in addition to Media Type as a parameter (see Media Type column below):

CI005 - Title Activity Statistics

Report Date: Tuesday 25 September 2018 11:06:22

Issues/renewals between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018

Locations: All

Media Types: BKM,E-BK,_RSRC,BVOL

Classmark Range: to:

Classmark begins with:

Issue/ Renewal Count


Title Details

Media Type

Rep. Period Copy Count

Current Copy Count



*The brain : a very short introduction/ O'Shea, Michael. (2005) (440)





300.2 ABC

*Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

(edi62t) IMPORTED/ Rowling, J.K. (2017) (3497)




CM004 Items Never Borrowed

The specified date has been extended to specify a date range for “not borrowed during”

Archived records

All reports have been reviewed to ensure that they disregard archived titles, copies and users. The reports were all reviewed and US003 was amended.

Generally, reports will not include Archived Titles or Copies, but will include user information for archived users.

The exceptions are US002 and US003 which report on active members.

Other reports are relating to past data and excluding the users from, for example, January’s circulation activity if they were archived between the activity and the report would not be an accurate reflection of the activity for the report.