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Privilege levels

Learn how to set privilege levels to determine what activities staff and users can perform in OLIB.

►System Administration> Admin Client Defaults
►User Management Reference Data> User Categories

All Users on the system have a privilege level, from students to library staff. They determine what actions the user can perform, whether they can create new data, save their own folders and so on. The following table illustrates what actions are available with each privilege level although in practice most OLIB Users are on level 6, General Library Staff.

Privilege Level Privilege Code Create, Delete & Modify Save Searches Folders Appropriate User Type
Search 0 No No No This level is no longer in use.
View Searches, Folders and Workspaces 2 No View only View only General user (e.g. Student)*
Save Searches, Folders and Workspaces 4 No Create and View Create and View Privileged user (e.g Researcher, Lecturer)*
Catalogue and Modify 6 Yes Yes Yes General Library Staff
Manager 8 Yes Yes Yes Privileged Library staff (Managers)
System Administrator 11 Yes Yes Yes Priority access (System Manager)

The privilege level can be seen in a number of places in OLIB:

  • Users domain: the User Type is displayed in the OLIB Admin Settings drop downs
  • User Categories domain: a drop down displays the Privilege Level
  • Admin Client Defaults domain: the User Type is available in the User Privilege drop down

Each user created in OLIB must have a User Category assigned to them. The User Category defaults the privilege level into the User record. That privilege level applies to any area of OLIB which the User's Domain Permissions allow them to access.

Assign privilege levels

  • A system level default privilege level can be set. Go to System Administration> Admin Client Defaults. Select from the User Privilege drop down. When set at this level, this defaults into each new User Category record you create.
  • Every User Category in OLIB must have a privilege level set - this defaults into all new User records created. Go to Reference Data> User Categories and select from the Privilege Level drop down.
  • When you create a new User, a User Category must be selected. This assigns the privilege level associated with that category to the User. However it is possible to give an individual user a higher level of privilege than the default one their User Category allows. This may be valuable for Library Staff - they may be Library Staff for cataloguing purposes - but require a higher privilege level to enable them to be System Administrators in other parts of the system. Edit the individual User's privilege level in the Users record: OLIB Admin Settings - Privilege drop downs.